That's the reason.

 I've been a fanatic fan of Apple for the last almost 30 years. I've bought most of Macintosh series starting from MacPortable to thinest and lightest MacBook, such as PowerBook 170, 180c, PowerBook Duo 210, 280c, PowerBook G3, G4 Titalium, PowerBook Por 12 inch, 17 inches, MacBook, PowerBook Pro Retina. I'm afraid I have spend several million yen to the user-friendly machines designed in Cupatino, including desktop machines like, SE/30, IIci, Quadra, PowerMac 8100, iMac with a flat display, PowerMac G5 and Mac mini. Everytime I had some reasons to purchase the computers, and from 2007, I also came to have another reason to buy iPhones and iPads.  Now it's the lightest model, now I have to have a fastest model, or it's the most fascinating mode ever, etc.

 I have tried to refrain and stop my strong desire about the gadgets, but I can't. I have to confess I'm Apple products addicted. That can't be denied. Yes, I'm a victim of commercialism promoted by the maker founded by Steve Jobs. I love Mac, iPhone and iPad (exluding Apple Watch). That's why I buy. I don't need any more rational reason. Just "I wanna this!" is a good reason. 


So, I'll order iPhone 7 today.  Click!